Monthly Archives: November 2020

How to Overcome Failure When Disaster Strikes Your Small Business

While a disaster can cause trouble for anyone, it can be particularly difficult to handle for a small business. Even for those who are prepared for an emergency, rebuilding can be a challenging and time-consuming process. If your business has... Read More

10 Tips for Using Equipment Financing for Construction Equipment

In the construction industry, having access to machinery is vital for profits, growth and stability. Here are 10 ways to put equipment financing to work for you: 1. Minimize Your Financial Risk If you choose to purchase equipment with cash... Read More

Official Internet Doppelganger

Most businesses do some sort of marketing on the internet these days. It makes so much sense. You can reach a larger audience with less effort and a reduced budget. Some of the easiest and least expensive internet marketing platforms... Read More

Pointers for Getting Started In Commercial Real Estate Investment

Those who are financially savvy view an investment into commercial real estate as instant success. There are limitless possibilities for business development, as commercial space could be used for clerical offices, industrial companies, healthcare facilities, housing units or retail space.... Read More

Everything You Need To Know Before Registering Your Brand Name as a Trademark

What Is a Trademark? A trademark can be a company name, slogan, piece of artwork or other type of intellectual property. Some trademarks are a single word, while others involve phrases or unique designs. In the case of Coca-Cola, for... Read More