Monthly Archives: December 2020

Understand the Types of SBA Loans to Increase Your Chance of Approval

SBA loans are not all created equal. The program offers specific loan types to encourage specific kinds of economic activity in communities across the country. If you are looking at the Small Business Administration’s programs as a source of funding,... Read More

How To Cultivate a Professional Office Environment

Everyone dreams of being a part of a business environment that allows for close friendships and jovial day-to-day attitudes that invite productivity and success for the company rather than hinder it. However, there are certain boundary lines that need to... Read More

Create a Smooth Transition for your Successful Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are a rough process. It requires a great amount of detail that is likely to be overwhelming. If you want the business deal to be successful, a lot of processes need to go right. Mergers can be... Read More

Your Best Foot Forward

If you’ve ever looked at an author’s fan page, they’re constantly asking for people to review their books. A book review from a professional is an important marketing tool for an author. Even better and more valuable are the reviews... Read More

Build Efficiency with these Hotel Management Tips

Working in the hospitality industry can be challenging, as customer demands can exceed what some consider rational and appropriate. However, hotel management doesn’t have to be a dreaded field. It is a role that allows for creativity and innovation to... Read More

Why You Should Use Factoring to Assist in Business Growth

One of the major goals when running a business is to watch your company grow. It is important for you to see your business reach its full potential. In some cases, you may use credit lines or bank loans but... Read More