Business growth is critical for every business to ensure its long-term survival. Real growth drives business performance by attracting new customers and increasing sales. Growth helps to expand a company’s products or services, helps seize new opportunities, and employ more and better staff. It helps acquire assets and fund investments. There are many ways to grow. For many decades, companies of all sizes have grown through business mergers.

What are Business Mergers?

Business mergers occur when two companies decide to blend themselves together to obtain immediate benefits including increasing their combined revenues and market share. Business mergers result in a combination of resources and leadership.

How Can Business Mergers Foster Growth?

Business mergers can fill gaps in critical product or service offerings or fill gaps in client niches. They can be an efficient way to acquire experienced talent or intellectual property that otherwise would be unattainable. They are a way to create greater business value by leveraging the synergies of both organizations. Synergies can be cost synergies achieved through cutting costs by consolidating overlapping operations or resources. Synergies can also be revenue synergies achieved by opening new territories, accessing new markets, expanding the customer base, and reducing competition.

Business mergers can add a new business model or improve operating elements, including, for example, changing the revenue structure, or adding a new business unit. This type of growth can accelerate the learning curve in an ever-evolving business marketplace. Mergers can reduce the risk and time involved in pursuing important business goals.

When do Business Mergers Not Work?

Business mergers may flounder if the merger plans are not carefully and purposefully conceived. Companies have different cultures, and culture clashes can create a huge barrier. If a merger causes marketplace confusion, results in a loss of differentiation, or creates a significant business distraction, then the merger may face failure.

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