Now more than ever, efficient and compelling online presentations are essential to business productivity and growth. Whether you are a startup pitching ideas to investors or a seasoned entrepreneur preparing to expand into new markets, you need to be able to hold the attention of your audience in a virtual meeting. Here are some tips to help you deliver masterful online presentations.

Utilize High-Grade Technology

Although the microphone and webcam on your laptop might be sufficient for internal communications within your company, when you want to impress investors or potential clients, you need to put your best foot forward. If you can afford it, invest in external equipment that will make audio and images clear and sharp. If not, at least use cutting-edge software that can clarify your audio and video.

Become Familiar with the Platform

There are numerous videoconferencing platforms, and each has unique controls, functions, and settings. To avoid fumbling with mechanical details while attempting to give a presentation, practice using the platform before important meetings. If you have the time, run through your entire presentation, preferably with a critical audience, to be sure that you use the platform smoothly.

Know Your Material in Depth

Crafting your presentation in advance is only the first step in its preparation. You should become so familiar with its content that you are able to sound as if you are speaking extemporaneously. Be sure to include humor and interesting stories that retain the attention of your audience.

Encourage Audience Response

When you are giving a presentation online, it is still possible to engage directly with your audience. Use the chat function on your platform to solicit responses from the audience. Encourage them to answer questions of yours, ask questions of their own, and share comments. This interactivity has the effect of making your presentation seem more personal.

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