Getting things on track can be easier when you have a solid plan. But how can you come up with one when you’re unsure where to start? Here’s how to stay focused on your financial goals in 2021.

1. Envision your dreams. In order to change your finance plan, you must first have some sort of dream about how you want things to be. Imagine how things will be when you get to that point and consider what you like about it, how much you want it to come true, and what you can do to make it happen.

2. Review what you did last year. Examine everything you did financially last year to learn what you did wrong, as well as what you did right. Cut out anything that didn’t serve you well when looking to the future. Do more of what benefited your wallet the most. It’s okay to have a little set aside for fun, but mos things should be more about financial gain and less about spending in order to stay ahead.

3. Look at what you’re doing now. Did you change anything already this year? Review it the same way you did last year’s finance plan and see what you should change and keep. Is your career going to last? Should you start or continue a business? Are your investments wise?

4. Budget for your goals. Find ways to reduce some of your budget. Then, use that extra cash to finance as many of your goals as possible. Take away things you don’t really need, such as extra cable channels you never watch or eating out too often.

5. Automate what you can. This helps avoid forgetting about your goals. Some bank or finance accounts include options to automate your bill payments. Your bill provider may also have other ways to set this up via a debit card or automated withdrawals. If you often spend without considering bills, automation helps avoid this problem.

When you make and assess a solid plan regularly, it’s much easier to stay focused on tracking and meeting your financial goals.