If your website isn’t working for you, it may be time for a website redesign. The results a redesign will bring will depend largely on investment. You can use DIY tools even though you have no training in HTML, or you can hire a company to or freelancer to develop it for you.

Costs of Hiring

The cost of paying someone to perform your redesign is labor hours only. The time to create content, create code, and create images all have to be taken into consideration. Also taken into account is how much work you want to be dedicated to the redesign. The more people involved in the redesign, the greater the expense will be.

The greater the investment you make in your site, the better its performance will be. If you hire a team of specialists, they will all be able to contribute in different ways. For example, one team member may specialize in content while another focuses on the CMS platform. Another may be more suited for design aspects of the site.

If you pay one freelancer to handle every avenue of your site, the odds of them being an expert in everything from design, to content, to programming is extremely low. They may know something of each area, but since it’s not their specific field, you may miss out on having the expertise of someone who makes it their business.


Before making a large commitment, you’ll want to estimate your return on investment. Some factors to consider would be:

  • Costs associated with creating the website
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Performance
  • Length of relevancy

As mentioned above, the costs associated with creating the site are dependent on how much you’re willing to invest. As for maintenance, will you update content yourself, or will you hire a content creator?

Once you have a complete package, the strength of the design, SEO, and functionality will determine performance. If your site doesn’t attract visitors after your investment, you could be looking at a loss.

Not only do you want to consider costs and conversation rates, but technology is constantly evolving. What works on your website today may not necessarily be relevant in just a few years.

Any website that is several years old can benefit from a website redesign. Your visitors will know when they are looking at something that hasn’t been maintained, which may lead them to determine it has nothing to offer them.