Every generation poses unique challenges when it comes to marketing the services of a business. While baby boomers and millennials have been studied extensively over the last few decades, the younger generation can be a bit harder to understand. Still, Generation Z is coming of age and will fast become the biggest and most important demographic for marketers to consider. If you want to best target this group, now is the perfect time to explore tactics that will help you make an impact on a generation that can be very difficult to read.

Support a Cause

One thing that members of this generation seem to have in common is a passion for social causes. No matter where on the political spectrum an individual might fall, he or she is very likely to feel strongly about key issues. What’s more, studies suggest that this generation follows millennials in the sense that they prefer following brands that stand for specific causes. If you want to make sure your marketing gets through to this group, align yourself with specific social justice issues and see how it improves your relationship with your audience.

Pay Attention To Identity

Generation Z can be a contradictory group in a few senses. On the one hand, members of this demographic tend to feel like labels are dangerous and restrictive. On the other hand, these same individuals are very tied to their identities and will often find new terms to describe groups that before had been ignored. While it can be a fine line to walk, targeting portions of your audience based around important identity traits can help you connect on a more personal level with your customers.

Influence With Humor

Though influencers might have been big with this generation early on, most younger members of this group aren’t easily swayed by such basic tactics. In fact, most are likely to find these approaches comical. Play into this by using humor as a way of influencing your audience. Create Instagram posts that are a parody of current influencer trends and you are likely to get many of your followers to share the post on their own stories. Though humor is subjective, you can easily please a crowd by paying attention to what popular comedians are sharing online.

Though Generation Z can be confusing at first glance, there are several ways to market to this group with success. Take your time to develop a strategy and be prepared to change your tactics whenever a new trend emerges.