There was no wise business or organizational leader that ever said, “I want a weak team.” Rather, businesses succeed, in large part, on the strength of their business teams. Bringing skilled and committed individuals together in a collaborative way is the secret to unleashing the power of a team.

What is the Importance of Team Collaboration?

Business teams that work together in a collaborative way create much more strength than found in organizations where individuals work in “silos,” separated from better collective efforts.  Consider these benefits of collaborative business teams:

• Individuals who work closely together learn from one another’s successes and failures. 

• Workplace collaboration brings team members and their varied skills together in a way that improves participation and cooperation, resulting in more input and higher quality solutions to problems as a team works toward common goals. 

• Teamwork creates a more complementary balance of differences and helps to break down barriers. 

• Collaboration increases productivity. 

• Teamwork broadens horizons and enriches the perspectives of team members. 

• Collaborative teamwork enhances the culture of a company by building motivation, improving work enjoyment, enhancing communication, and increasing bonding.  

How to Build Collaborative Business Teams

Build collaborative business teams by:

• Examining your existing work environment to see what is and isn’t working, including the elements of trust, competitiveness, chemistry, management leadership, and support. 

• Seeking ideas, suggestions, and team member goals. 

• Listening carefully to team member feedback then aggregating the feedback and suggestions and adapting them to the circumstances of the business. 

• Being transparent in your efforts to build solutions that improve the workplace community. 

• Seeking ways to energize the entire workforce. That should include making sure that all team members feel valued. 

• Creating a team-building environment. That may include modifications to the workplace to increase team member visibility and interaction and team-building activities.  

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