Recent market trends have shown a growing demand for environmentally friendly products and services from consumers. Additionally, policies to promote businesses that can provide these goods are also coming into demand. As a manager, finding the right niche for your eco-friendly business is important, but where to start is always tricky to figure out. Luckily, there are plenty of places for an up-and-coming company to try to get in while the market is still growing.

Vehicle Repair

Environmentally friendly vehicles are quickly growing in popularity. While most people think of expensive electric cars, the field also includes things like bicycles, e-bikes, and scooters, all of which have their own demands and requirements for repair and maintenance. Starting your own specialist repair shop, especially for less capital-intensive vehicles like bicycles, can be a great way to get your business started into ecologically friendly territory.

Alternative Energy

Starting your own power company is a big ask for a new business, but luckily demand is growing for more personal solutions to cleaner energy. Home solar panels are in demand throughout the country as a way for homeowners and landlords to offset their electricity consumption, and a company that specializes in these systems will quickly find orders for installation and maintenance as solar becomes more ubiquitous. Similarly, home wind turbines are also growing as an industry, which means companies supplying and installing them will find orders coming in, too.

Landscaping and Building

Whether it’s installing better installation to prevent wasted heat or planting trees to provide natural cooling shade, the way buildings are constructed and land is arranged is prime territory for an eco-friendly business to be able to make its mark on other businesses and even people’s homes. A wide variety of techniques, some specialized to ecologically minded firms, are necessary to make construction work in ways that are less damaging to the environment, and being able to bring that to the table, especially if new policies are passed making them a requirement, will make your firm even more valuable.

New Technologies

In addition to already existing markets, you can look for new technologies and ideas for ecologically friendly businesses and practices. For example, new smart technologies to improve efficiency are being developed every day, and you can be one of the firms to provide those technologies. Even outside of smart devices, new techniques that you can use to make your business more environmentally friendly can be taught to other companies via consulting contracts.