Healthcare Financing

Obtain the Financial Support You Need for Your Healthcare Practice

As a doctor, dentist, veterinarian or other healthcare provider, you have a lot of overhead costs to take care of on a regular basis. If your business needs a little extra financial help to get through an economic downturn, Capital Crown Investments can help. Our healthcare financing program is popular amongst health professionals because it is specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare and medical practices. With the financial boost from this program, you can meet your goals, whether they include expanding your practice, improving your current practice or obtaining new equipment.

healthcare financing

Lease Medical Equipment

It isn’t always wise to buy expensive medical equipment outright. You can save money by leasing or financing your equipment. We can help you do either.

Acquire Practices

Do you have an opportunity to acquire another practice? If so, you’ll need some working capital to help you finalize the deal. At Capital Crown Investments, we can provide you with the funds you need to acquire one or more practices.

Consolidate Debt

Many of our applicants use our funding to help them consolidate their debt. We can turn several monthly payments into a single payment that’s easier to manage.

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