The federal government makes available a great many resources which are designed to help ex-military people transition back into civilian life. Programs which offer special guidance, assistance with financing, and in some cases even government contracts, are available to veterans of military service. Here are some of the specific ways that veterans can take advantage of programs established especially for them.

Mentoring programs

There are at least 19 nationwide centers which provide mentoring and training services for veterans, along with clinics and workshops which are designed to prepare you for business opportunities. Most of these are free services, while others have a nominal cost associated with them, and many are provided by colleges and universities working with the Small Business Administration.

Disabled veterans

A federal law has been passed which requires that at least 3% of all federal monies spent be awarded to disabled veterans in contracts for services provided. In order to qualify for these government contracts, it’s only necessary to have an appropriate business size, as well as the required percentage of ownership by the disabled veteran.

Other government contracts

Ex-military personnel who are not disabled are also entitled to apply for federal contracts, which means you can apply at several different government agencies in the hopes of being awarded such contracts. You can find out all about the requirements for obtaining a government contract by consulting the information provided on, which is an interactive guide providing all necessary information.

Business growth

If you already own a business as a veteran, and you’re hoping to grow that business, you can make use of the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal so as to get connected with government resources that can offer assistance. Here, you’ll find information on securing financing, obtaining government contracts, and options which you can use to expand your business. By making use of the information provided, you might well be able to take your business to the next level and achieve greater success.

Are you a veteran business owner? 

If so, there are various avenues of support open to you which you might want to take advantage of. Contact us at Capital Crown Investments to find out about our veteran support transactions.