With the rise of technology and a boom in constantly connected consumers, the marketing world has changed drastically over the past few decades, and even just in the past few years. Whereas outbound marketing and strategic ad placements used to be prime strategies, today’s savvy marketers have started turning to working with social media influencers instead. The power of influencer marketing has shown itself to be highly effective recently, especially among younger demographics, and creating a strong social media presence is almost certain to raise the profile and sales potential of just about any company. Here are a few other fascinating facts you might not have known about the benefits of getting influencers involved with your company’s marketing efforts.

1. It’s All About Digital Collaboration

The key to influencer marketing is establishing a strong connection and collaborating to create a polished final product, usually a digital promotion on a social media channel of some sort. In the early days, having a celebrity market your product might have fallen within these lines. Today, however, the locus has shifted from conventional Hollywood celebrities to Instagram famous people for example. These content creators tend to have large numbers of followers, which essentially provides your company a built-in audience if you choose to work with them and have them distribute a promotion across their channels. This is a quick, simple and effective way to reach a large number of consumers in your target demographic all at the same time.

2. It Helps Brands Gain Relevance and Worldwide Reach All at Once

One of the disadvantages to conventional ad placement is that you’ll be restricted to reaching people in a certain geographical area most of the time, especially if you place physical ads on billboards, for example. By working on social media, you can gain relevance internationally and attract new consumers from around the world.

3. You Can Cherry Pick Creators Who Represent Your Brand Values

There are so many influential creators on social media today that companies have the ability to cherry pick the ones that best fit their brand’s value and image. For example, if you sell makeup products that are environmentally friendly, you can collaborate with an influencer known for promoting eco-friendly products.

Marketing professionals have long observed a shift occurring in which strategies are most effective for reaching new demographics of consumers, and the verdict is clear: Social media influencers hold a lot of sway and can make a big difference in the outcome of your efforts. If you’ve been searching for a strong strategy to get the most out of your marketing time and money, consider contacting an influencer.