To increase their value, most corporations undertake capital budgeting projects and venture into external expansion. While starting new branches in new places can prove hectic, most corporations go for test options, which are mergers and acquisitions. Through the merger, companies can combine efforts to create a more productive and sustainable firm in the market. Through an acquisition, a company or firm buys another firm which enables it to expand its operations.

Reasons for Mergers and Acquisitions   

Increased Market Power

If a company looks to increase its power in the market, mergers and acquisitions become options. While, to some extent, this might not be right, it is a way of stabilizing the presence of a company or firms in the market.


Every business has a goal of maximizing shareholder wealth. It is up to the management to find ways and take actions that would rather increase stock prices than lower them. It is through a merger or acquisition that a company can easily achieve synergy. This is the combination of efforts that increases the sums and value of companies that come together.

To Increase Chances of Diversification

A company that seeks to venture into untested waters will opt for mergers or acquisitions. Diversification is essential in business, and it’s through mergers and acquisitions, companies can achieve this properly.

Benefits of Mergers and Acquisitions

Increased Ability to Capture Synergies

If they can see the synergistic effects when two companies combine, then a merger or acquisition becomes beneficial in the long run. Two is always better than one.

Intellectual Property

There is access to intellectual property and manpower when two businesses that lack either of them come together. Intellectual property is essential for any business growth and development.

Economies of Scope

There can be an increase in the production process by acquiring a firm, especially for products and services produced by the target firm. Thus, a broader economic scope becomes vital in the long run.

Research and Development

When there is synergy, a combined firm gains efficiencies and finances that enable effective research and development. In addition, through research, the firm is more likely to find it easier to explore untested grounds with confidence.

While it is not an option for many companies and firms, mergers and acquisitions are still applicable in different instances. Capital Crown Investments is here to inform and provide further guidance. Get in touch today.