Outsourcing. If that word sounds forbidding, don’t fret. It is a business process that has rapidly increased in popularity during recent years, especially for smaller businesses. Outsourcing simply means having work done for your company by individuals or companies outside of your organization. It does not mean sending work to some undisclosed location in Chumbawumba.

Why is Outsourcing Beneficial?

Outsourcing offers great benefits, especially for small business owners who may be highly challenged with all the functions and tasks that they face. Outsourcing can:

• Help an organization focus on its core functions, while allowing non-core activities to be performed by others. 

• Save money due to lower personnel and overhead expenses. 

• Increase overall organizational productivity and efficiency by having outside experts focus on specific functions. 

• Increase an organization’s skills and capabilities that it could not have without expensive additional permanent in-house hiring. 

• Provide an organization with flexibility in staffing and manpower management.  

5 Things You Should Be Outsourcing in Your Business

Let’s face it. Finding a slew of the right people to perform the tasks that drive business can be daunting and perhaps financially impossible for a small business. But the work needs to be done. These tasks can be outsourced to meet the needs of a business:

• Accounting and bookkeeping services, including tax preparation, are commonly outsourced functions. 

• This can be challenging given the many requirements and regulations that apply. 

• Graphic design. 

• Web design, programming, maintenance, and cybersecurity. 

• Legal services.  

Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

To succeed in multiplying your resources while controlling costs and focusing management time, don’t make these outsourcing mistakes:

• Outsourcing direct customer-touching functions. 

• Overestimating cost savings. 

• Not providing proper guidance or quality-control supervision. 

• Not putting measurements in place. 

• Jumping in too quickly or too completely. 

• Not having an exit strategy.  

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